Preethi Indian Mixer Grinder In Hong Kong

How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are essential kitchen appliances. They are a necessity of every kitchen. It is next to impossible to cook delicious Indian cuisines without the help of an efficient mixer grinder. Over the years, mixer grinders have evolved a lot. There have been tremendous changes since the launch of the first-ever mixer grinder. Unlike their initial versions, they are now smaller, lighter, and simpler to use.

Suiting your modular kitchen setup, you definitely feel the need to have a stylish yet economical mixer grinder. With such a huge variety of choices, you might get confused as to from where to buy the best Indian mixer grinder. Here are the top tips to help you find the best mixer grinder for Indian cooking.

Tips to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder

Here’s how you can choose the best mixer grinder for your kitchen.

The Right Speed and Wattage

Speed and wattage are two significant elements that you should have on your mind before settling on a mixer grinder. Blenders from 500 - 750 watts are ideal for kitchen use. Ensure you select one with a higher wattage for ideal outcomes.

Another significant factor is the speed, which is determined in rotations per minute (RPM). That tells you the number of rotations the blades will take every minute to grind the items. Mostly, a blender with 18,000 RPM is useful for kitchen use.

All top mixer grinders let you control the speed to your necessities. There is a committed speed regulator that can change the speed of the blender. It is much needed when you need to blend with something that is of semi-fluid consistency.

The Variety in Blades

The type and variety in blades for the particular blender is a significant factor to consider. There are various blades to choose from. While some are used for dry crushing, the others are used for wet grinding. Some brands of mixer grinders come in both types of blades with their packages that are easy to fit.

Mixer blades are usually made of stainless steel. They are generally rated under 300 series of grades. The metal evaluation at which it is appraised helps you to understand whether it is erosion safe and dependable. Steel blades appraised at 302 or 304 have low carbon, making them durable for a longer period.

The Number of Jars

Many of the blenders have two or more jars. You can pick a type that can be used for different purposes. This is valuable if you're all set to cook many dishes, and you don't have to go around washing them every time.

Ensure that the container has an elastic or rigid plastic handle for a decent hold, with lids sturdy and hard enough for everyday usage.

Brand Preferences

While shopping for mixer grinders, you may be confused among the many brands. If you are in the or Hongkong, you can find a range of brands such as brands like Bajaj, Philips, Panasonic and Blaaze. You can also find a few heavy motor mixer grinders to purchase in Hong Kong.


Most reasonable and best mixer grinders come with two years warranty. Most brands may not give a warranty on mishandled items, like if a blender gets a dent or broken. Under the warranty time frame, the warranty takes care of manufacturing defects, like the motor or blades.

A few of the Best mixers to buy in the and Hongkong are:

  • Bajaj mixer grinder. Hong Kong
  • Philips Mixer grinder. Hong Kong
  • Panasonic Mixer Grinder  Hong Kong
  • Blaaze mixer grinder  Hong Kong

If you are pondering over the thought “From where I can buy Indian mixer,” or “From where I can buy a Sujata mixer in the HK” your wait is over. Whether you are from Hongkong, you can now get a reasonable mixer grinder in just a few clicks.

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