Panasonic Mixer Grinder In Hong Kong

Do's and Don'ts of Using a Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are essential kitchen appliances to have in our kitchen. Indeed, they help to make delicious and enticing meals each time. You may think from where I can buy Indian mixer or from where I can buy a BAJAJ  Panasonic Philips BOSCH Preethi mixer in the Hong Kong.

However, while we try to find the best mixer / heavy motor mixer grinder to purchase in Hong Kong we need to ensure that we take its proper care and maintenance.

A well-kept grinder will ensure more outstanding durability and functioning

Let's get more into the do’s and don'ts of using a mixer grinder.

Do's of the Mixer Grinder:

1.   Thorough rinse after every use:

A complete and regular cleaning of blenders after every use is very crucial. Cleaning up all the stains and leftover food particles will make the mixers prevent junk and bad smell. You can use water-vinegar solution, baking soda, lime or mild dishwasher gels to wash it. However, do not rub the grinders harshly; instead, do it gently. Wipe the water after the procedure as it may lead to electric shocks.

2.   Unplugging:

Make sure to turn off the switch and unplug the mixer grinder after its usage. If you wish to check if the ingredients have blended well, let the grinder come to a complete stop. Then open the lid to check

3.   Proper fitting of jars:

Most individuals do not pay close attention to whether the jar correctly fits on the unit before turning on the machine. This can potentially affect the jar's blades adding to the malfunctioning of the unit. Therefore, it is required to put the blades in the proper position.

4.   Placing the machine at an appropriate place:

It is best to keep the mixer grinders on a flat surface. Further, try to ensure a good place where you can use the mixer grinder conveniently without shifting it from one position to the other.

5.   Using the relevant jars:

Each jar is designed for some designated purposes. Verify the type and your requirements before purchasing it.

Don'ts of the Mixer Grinder:

1.   Putting Hot ingredients:

Hot items can ruin the functioning of the jar as well as the unit. Ensure that the material are at room temperature to prevent massive load on the machine and have optimal efficiency.

2.   Overfilling:

Overfilling the jar is among the most typical mixer grinder mistakes we make. Do not put all the ingredients in one go into the mixer grinder. Mix or grind the items in groups to make it feasible for these machines to do their job effectively.

3.   Adding ingredients while it's operating:

Bring the grinder to a complete halt or stop the unit before adding extra ingredients into the mixture. If you don't do so, it may cause leakages or injuries to your body 

4.   Refrigerating the mixture in the jar:

Keeping the ingredients inside the blender and then placing it in the refrigerator is not a good habit to follow. This will make the items stick to the blades. Subsequently, it will prevent the edges from moving steadily and cause pressure to the motor.

5.   Excess heating:

If usage of the blender is not done accurately, it can lead to overheating. It will destroy the machine and influence the food's nutritional quality. Ensure that these appliances are stopped at intervals and never hold on for above 30-40 seconds at a time.


Mixer Grinders, whether you buy it from Hong Kong, are the most fantastic kitchen devices to mix anything and everything. Nevertheless, you should follow these practices to keep the blenders in flawless conditions and avoid wasting your valuable money on repairing them.

While using the top mixer grinders such as Bajaj mixer grinder Hong Kong, Philips mixer grinder Hong Kong, Panasonic mixer grinder Hong Kong, Sujata mixer grinder Hong Kong, these things, as mentioned earlier, need to be carefully executed for proper management.

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